Welcome to the Chiropractic Centres, located in Caerphilly & Blackwood in South Wales. You can learn more about our clinics and our services by clicking on the links above.

Our Clinics

For your ease of access we have two clinics in South Wales. Both are easily accessible by public transport and have parking facilities within easy reach. Click on “Locations” above for a map and more details.

Our Team

Supported by an outstanding team, our Chiropractors are dedicated to helping as many people in our community to achieve optimal health in a warm and friendly atmostphere.

What To Expect

After a thorough and comprehensive examination, our Chiropractors will explain everything to you in clear, jargon free, language and ensure you gain a better understanding of your body and the way it works. They will ensure that any treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

What Our Patients Say

Please click on our testimonials section to hear some of the things our patients have said about us and our clinics.