What To Expect

We always explain everything that’s going on before anything happens, we feel its vital that you understand what’s going on – after all its your health!  The purpose of your first visit is to discuss your complaint and to establish your health goals.

On your arrival at our Chiropractic Centres you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff, many patients comment on how nice it is to see a friendly face in a new environment, it has always been our goal to provide the most effective care available, in a friendly and relaxed environment.  Our reception staff will then guide you through filling in our new patient form.  You will then be introduced to your Chiropractor and your consultation will begin.  Your Chiropractor will discuss your main complaint, and also all other relevant information with you, this will help the Chiropractor to work out if Chiropractic might be able to help you.  Then you will undergo a thorough physical examination, including Neurological, Orthopaedic and Chiropractic tests.  Your Chiropractor will then review all of the results of your tests to identify the exact cause of your problems. After your Chiropractor has done this you will receive a personal and confidential explanation of our findings and a personalised treatment plan just for you. If it is necessary to refer you to another health professional we will of course do so.

Our role is to provide you with the best possible level of Chiropractic Care, how much care you receive is always up to you.

Techniques we use

Our Chiropractors have years of experience in treating people with a whole variety of problems and over the years it’s unlikely they won’t have seen your problem before. They will use their experience in order to come up with a personal treatment plan for you, some of the treatments they use are outlined below.

Diversified – At our clinics we use specific spinal adjustments and the Adjusting Technique we commonly use is often referred to as Diversified Technique. As part of your examination the Chiropractor will examine your spine by seeing how much movement is possible in the joints of your spine, and if a problem is found with the movement a specific manual adjustment is delivered by the Chiropractor using their hands.  The speed, angle and depth of the adjustment is worked out using the results of your examination and the chiropractors experience.  When doing this patients will often here a “popping” or “clicking” sound, this is commonly caused by gases moving within the joint.  The adjustment will improve the movement within each of these joints and also to stimulate and eliminate interference within the nervous system.  Typically people associate adjustments with the spine but diversified technique allows us to adjust many joints throughout the body ranging from the fingers to the toes.

Activator – This is a spring loaded mechanical adjusting tool, it delivers a controlled force and the Chiropractor again uses their knowledge and experience to use the tool to deliver the force in exactly the right direction.  Like a diversified adjustment the activator can be used throughout the body.

Soft Tissue Release Techniques  – Firstly there are many different types of soft tissue within your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, can all cause problems or become irritated due to other problems within your body.  Your Chiropractor will use many different soft tissue techniques in order to relieve problems in these areas.