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Our team are dedicated to improving your quality of life. We do this by decreasing your pain, because we believe that you shouldn’t just have to live with it. We’re specialists at relieving pain and helping you on your journey to full recoery.

Here are some of the most common areas of pain and discomfort that we help our clients ease and recover from. You can visit us at either of our Caerphilly or Blackwood Chiropractic centres for any of these treatments,

Neck Pain

Don't try to live with your neck pain, come and visit one of our Chiropractors for relief.

Back Pain

We can help relieve your back pain. Come and visit us for back pain relief in Caerphilly or Blackwood.

Shoulder Pain

Are you experiencing shoulder pain? We can give you the relief you need and get you on your road to recovery.

Elbow Pain

If you need help treating elbow pain, then our specialist chiropractors can help you in Caerphilly or Blackwood.


We can help relieve your pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, giving you the new lease of life you deserve.


We can also help with non-muscular or joint-related issues. Get in touch to see how we can help.


What Patients Say About Us

29. August, 2021.
I have attended the clinic for several years. Initially, it was for diagnosis and remedial treatment. Now I attend regularly for preventative treatment which enables me to enjoy life to the full. From my first visit, the welcome and professional service received from Scott and his team has been outstanding. Do you have a problem which is affecting your daily life? Well you know what to do , call Caerphilly Chiropractic Clinic and start enjoying your life once again.
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson
6. August, 2021.
I have been treated by Scot for over two years for lower back pain. He has always fully explains the issue & offers excellent treatment. All staff at the practice are welcoming, kind and patient. My husband and children also see Scot & he is brilliant with the children. He professionally advised & now treats my son following an eye operation (previous to the this he had a head tilt) to ensure that correct growth is maintained. I highly recommend the practice.
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
30. July, 2021.
My first appointment at Caerphilly Chiropractic Centre was as an urgent patient, having woken in extreme pain unable to move my head and neck. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated with kindness and respect and most of all Scott was able to ease the pain and over the course of a few appointments help me become pain free. I have been a regular visitor ever since and have also attended the Blackwood clinic where my daughter (then just a few months old) received treatment to help her with infant reflux and digestive issues. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Julie Sheridan
Julie Sheridan
29. July, 2021.
My husband has been treated by Scott for years and I had a couple of problems with joints so he booked me in to see Scott. I am so pleased that he did as I am almost pain free now. It has made such a difference to my well being. Everyone is so nice there too. Really recommend them.
Helen Davies
Helen Davies
23. July, 2021.
I have been visiting Caerphilly Chiropractic centre for 9 years. First visit in agony and then the chiropractor started working magic. I continue to go for maintenance and I now have a lot less back issues than I used to. The team are always friendly and professional and I would highly recommend Scott and his team to anyone.
Deborah Gwynne
Deborah Gwynne
19. July, 2021.
I have been using them for over 10 years as I have two prolapsed disc and was In a lot of pain. Went to see Scot and I haven’t looked back since, within a few weeks I had no pain and back to normal. All the staff are lovely and friendly and I highly recommend them.
Catherine Downer
Catherine Downer
19. July, 2021.
Fab service, totally made to feel at ease from the first appointment. Always do their best for you, usually see Scot who explains everything in detail before doing anything and explains the why behind them too! Would totally recommend
Linda O'Reilly
Linda O'Reilly
19. July, 2021.
Regular treatment from Scott has helped keep me mobile and pain free. I would highly recommend this practice for their friendly, professional and effective care.
robert jones
robert jones
15. July, 2021.
First attended for painful back issues. Scot initially explained to me in detail what was causing my problems before setting about putting them right. Since then I have been visiting for regular maintenance sessions that I find to be very beneficial. The whole practice is very friendly and extremely professional - highly recommended.
Jennifer Billing
Jennifer Billing
12. May, 2020.
I was recommended Caerphilly and Blackwood chiropractic centres by a friend who had seen Emma in Blackwood. I started seeing Scot at the Caerphilly centre in January after injuring my shoulder. After some excellent and professional help my shoulder is much better and my back and hips are better too! All of the staff have been friendly and welcoming, to me and my 3 year old son who has had to accompany me at times. Would highly recommend!!

Chiropractor FAQs

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When you see one of our Chiropractors, you will be given a full and thorough examination, this is to enable them to get all the information they need about you. The initial visit will include a full medical history, including your presenting complaint and your lifestyle history. A thorough physical examination will be preformed including orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic tests. If necessary you will be referred for x-rays or any other tests, and if you require referral to another health professional of course this will be arranged.

Chiropractors are trained to take and read x-rays, and each case is judged on an individual basis as to whether or not an x-ray or any other testing procedure is necessary. This decision will be made once you have had your initial consultation and been thoroughly assessed.

Chiropractic is safe and has far fewer risks than many other treatments. Serious side effects of Chiropractic are very rare but of course your Chiropractor will discuss this with you prior to your treatment.


Your recovery will be influenced by many factors such as age, lifestyle, type of problem, and all these factors need to be taken into account.  At your Report of Findings, your Chiropractor will tell you about the result of your Initial Consultation, they will explain how many treatments you are likely to need and the likely timescales, and of course answer all your questions.

Adjustments when performed by a qualified practitioner are not generally painful, but of course if you are experiencing a lot of muscle spasm and acute pain even the gentlest of touches can be painful, so there may be some discomfort. Some people do experience some discomfort after their first few treatments but of course your Chiropractor will use their years of experience to ensure this is as minimal as possible. Your Chiropractor will also give you lots of advice to help minimise/reduce any soreness.

We would definitely not advise this! You cannot properly control the forces involved and when you click your own joints you are unlikely to make the problem better and YOU MAY BE doing more damage. Even our Chiropractors who are skilled in performing adjustments do not adjust themselves. If you feel like you need to click your joints you probably need to see your Chiropractor!


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